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Three Drink Minimum podcast #2: Chargers are going to the Super Bowl Baby!

More instant reaction and hot takes!

Back for another instant reaction pod following the Chargers comfortable win. I know the final was 31-20, but the game really wasn’t close at all. You could tell it was going to be an easy victory very early on in the game. The Bills first possession ended with a sack. The Chargers scored a touchdown on their next four possessions. Here’s the audio:

The only bad I really noticed from yesterday was Russell Okung and Antonio Gates. Okung was 1-on-1 for most of the day against Jerry Hughes and Hughes simply got the best of him. In the case of Gates, what is the point of trotting him out there?

As far as good, there was plenty of that. The rookies had a nice little coming out party. Uchenna Nwosu had the sack. Kyzir White broke up three passes. Last week after re-watching the game I thought White did a really nice job against Travis Kelce. Oh yeah, Derwin James. He seems good.

On offense Philip Rivers continues his hot start. I believe he was something like 15/16 in the first half. Also at one point in the first half, Austin Ekeler had 15 touches for 190 yards on the season. He’s been crazy productive. I answer some live questions and bounce around a little bit before talking a little Rams.

Yesterday’s drink of choice were mimosa’s, by the way.