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The Los Angeles Chargers will lose to the Buffalo Bills

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Los Angeles Chargers Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier we looked at three reasons why the Chargers should be able to defeat the Bills, but now we turn to reasons Buffalo should be able to pull the upset.

LeSean McCoy

Last time the Chargers faced the Buffalo Bills, Shady McCoy rushed for 114 yards on just 13 carries. That kind of efficiency is what you expect from video game numbers not football played at the professional level. McCoy is still very talented and the Chargers rushing defense is still very mediocre (or just bad depending on the day). With a rookie starting at quarterback, the Bills will probably want to lean on their running game and there is no reason to think that they will be unable to get away with doing so given the relative quality of McCoy and the Chargers run defense (especially the interior of the defensive line).

Josh Allen is not Nathan Peterman

Now, as impressive as Peterman looks in that hilarious hype video, he is actually truly awful. Josh Allen is a rookie and a raw one at that, but he is also spectacularly physically talented (laser, rocket arm and whatnot). That’s why he was drafted so highly despite how raw he is. It’s also not unusual for talented young players to have initial success when opposing teams lack much film on him. Allen is also a bit out of the ordinary with how much he likes to throw deep, so that could also initially help him to do well.

Joey Bosa is still out

The Los Angeles Chargers’ best player on either side of the ball is Joey Bosa and he will be missing his second consecutive game with a bone bruise in his foot. The Chargers are still the deeper team, but when you’re missing your best player that has ripple effects and none of them are good. Uchenna Nwosu is a promising young player who will get more snaps behind Isaac Rochell this week, but neither of them is even half the player Bosa is and that impacts every other facet of the defense which in turn affects every other aspect of the team. Everyone will have to step up and through one week we have not seen the Chargers do that successfully.