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The Los Angeles Chargers will win against the Buffalo Bills

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Los Angeles Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Every week we look at reasons why the Chargers will win and lose and most weeks it is much easier to come up with reasons for one than the for the other. Shockingly, the team favored by over a touchdown has a lot of reasons to expect a victory.

Josh Allen is starting

Last year when the Los Angeles Chargers played the Bills they got to face a rookie making his first NFL start in Nathan Peterman. For those of you who do not remember, it did not go well for the young man. He threw five interceptions and was benched at half time. That same Nathan Peterman beat out Josh Allen for the starting job this Summer. Now, Josh Allen, a rookie making his first NFL start, will get to face the Los Angeles Chargers defense that destroyed Peterman’s career before it could even get started. It is unlikely that Allen will perform as poorly as his teammate did, but it is also unlikely that he will find much success. In part, that’s because...

The Bills have no receivers

Kelvin Benjamin, Andre Holmes, and Zay Jones aren’t keeping opposing cornerbacks up late at night filled with worry. The likes of Casey Hayward, Trevor Williams, and Desmond King should have absolutely no problem whatsoever shutting down the Buffalo Bills wide receiver corps on Sunday. There was a time when people thought Benjamin might become a good or even very good receiver. Those people no longer exist. And people who thought such things about Holmes and Jones never existed. LeSean McCoy and Charles Clay are probably going to get a lot of work on Sunday because these guys suck.

Keenan Allen is unstoppable

The Chargers lead wide receiver, Allen, is one of the best in the League at his position and he is playing at a very high level. The Bills have nobody that can lock him down, and he should have a massive game. This matchup suggests a very positive game script for the team from Los Angeles and nobody benefits more from heavily positive game script than Allen (on most teams you’d see it benefit the running back, but that’s not how the Chargers roll). Expect fireworks when the Chargers offense is on the field.