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Report: More injuries pile up for Chargers (UPATED)

This is getting old already...

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers-Training Camp Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Injuries are continuing to mount for the Los Angeles Chargers.

Those two names are very concerning to see on the injury list, however, the initial reports don’t seem to be overly serious. I hope that proves to be true.

Joey Bosa is about as vital of a piece of this team as it gets. If his injury is even moderately serious, this will be very bad. However, based on the reports that he walked off under his own power and the fact that the Chargers have already dealt with a bunch of injuries, I am betting the team is playing it safe and want to have him fully checked out before he participates anymore.

Justin Jones also figures to be heavy in the team rotation, especially with Corey Liuget out for the first 4 weeks with his suspension.

Hopefully neither of these will be serious and they’ll both be back playing and practicing soon.


Well it looks like it is good news:

Update on 8-9-18:

The walking boot seems to be a precaution more than anything but it’s still not the best news. Not sure how long Jones will be out for, at this point.