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Injury Update: Dylan Cantrell has a bone bruise

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Now that is painful.

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

We now finally have a diagnosis for what has Dylan Cantrell sidelined right now.

That is a painful injury. Last summer I partially tore my ACL and wound up with some severe bone bruising as well. It is very painful and takes a long time to heal.

Whats worse, is that the only way to let it heal quickly is to just stay off of it, which means after the bone bruise is healed, he’ll need time to get back in shape. He is lucky though that there wasn’t an accompanying torn ligament of any kind.

Given the length of time he might be out, there is a concern he may have to go on the IR. Cantrell was just starting to put things together and look good in camp.

It’s unfortunate for the Chargers to have lost him, for now, but the team dodged a bullet with it just being a bone bruise, and depending on how this is handled he should be available later in the year.