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Injury Update: WR Cantrell Loses Crutches, Leg Heavily Wrapped at Practice

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The wide receiver looks to have avoided a major injury this week.

NCAA Football: Texas Tech at Baylor Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

According to a tweet from NBC San Diego’s Fernando Ramirez, WR Dylan Cantrell was seen at today’s practice moving around without the use of his crutches, although his leg was still heavily-bandaged.

This past Friday, Cantrell succumbed to a right leg injury during practice. The staff and fans were in good spirits, however, as Cantrell was able to jog off the field under his own power. The next day during the Blue-White Scrimmage, Cantrell was seen with his leg wrapped up and sporting a pair of crutches. Thankfully, it was likely just a precaution by the team. CB Trevor Williams was also seen sporting crutches following an injury that was simply deemed a “sprained ankle” by head coach Anthony Lynn.

The team will probably continue being cautious with any sort of injury going forward so I do not expect to see a ton of Cantrell or Williams during the month of August to ensure they are at full-health for the first regular season game.