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WR Mike Williams Catches 2 TDs, Continues to Amaze in Blue-White Scrimmage

Williams capped-off the first week of training camp notching a pair of touchdowns in the inaugural scrimmage.

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Los Angeles Chargers Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

In head coach Anthony Lynn’s second season with the Bolts, he was finally able to put together the inter-squad scrimmage he hoped to have the prior season, but didn’t feel he had to time to make it happen. With a year under his belt at the position, Lynn and his staff were not just able to pull it off, but make it a spectacular event that welcomed hordes of fans in attendance.

Both sides of the ball were able to put on a show with play-makers running abound on either side, but neither had quite the day like the second-year receiver out of Clemson. Mike Williams “caught everything thrown his way” which a pair of touchdowns and another long-bomb which he caught over the top of the defender.

The first of his two touchdowns was a nifty catch in the back of the endzone in which he somehow found two feet in-bounds while taking a lick from a defender after the catch. I loved this play because it’s a much more realistic touchdown catch than what you normally see in training camp. They aren’t all going to be pretty balls with perfect placement and conditions. Williams was able to utilize timing, body-control, and the sideline in order to make this grab.

Williams’ second score was arguably even more impressive than the first. Lined up on the right side of the formation, Williams took an outside release against CB Casey Hayward and had the body control to stop on a dime and contort for the Rivers pass that was low and to the outside. The placement was impossible for even Hayward to defend and might be a glimpse of things to come this season.

It’s incredibly exciting, albeit a year late, to hear all of the positive buzz surrounding last year’s first-round selection. I know it’s still early, we must temper expectations, but sometimes the team just makes that way too hard for the rest of us. Either way, the future is looking brighter and brighter with each day of training camp that passes.