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Los Angeles Chargers: Why I Hate Offseason Hype

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Writers really dig deep for content in the offseason doldrums, but we need to temper our expectations

NFL: Washington Redskins at Los Angeles Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Based on the hype surrounding Mike Williams in the last week or so, you’d think that he’s an automatic lock to be a pro-bowler this season. I’m writing today because I’m getting annoyed with all the hype pieces surrounding him, when he hasn’t played a meaningful game yet this season. In ten games last season, Philip Rivers targeted Williams 23 times. He caught 11 of those balls for 95 yards. Not exactly the type of production you want from your 7th overall pick, but that’s not the point of this article.

I am really hoping for great production from Mike this season. He’s put in a ton of work this offseason, and is obviously starting to gain the trust of Philip Rivers, and has improved each day in camp. He’s a big receiver who has incredibly strong hands and can win contested catches like crazy. It looks like he will even get the chance to start across from Keenan Allen, with Tyrell Williams and Travis Benjamin playing more as supporting roles than in years past.

Mike Williams will improve this season. It would be hard for him to play in 16 games as (most likely) the starter across from Keenan Allen, or even as the 3rd guy without receiving for more than 100 yards. Especially when you consider that the Chargers don’t have any proven receiving TE’s and will need the big body presence in the red zone, that none of their other receivers possess. Yes, he will improve, but please don’t jump on the hype train that he’s the MVP of training camp. Great... it’s training camp. Let him show what he’s capable of in a real NFL game, and then... and only then, should we get excited.