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Which Chargers offensive player are you most looking forward to watching against the 49ers?

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NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Los Angeles Chargers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With three weeks of preseason play in the books there are not a ton of open spots left on the roster. Which offensive player will you be watching closely?

Cole Thompson: Artavis Scott. Scott’s the ideal size for today’s slot receiver but may not have the ideal speed to be a full-time player. He does have some return ability skills that could save him from another year of roster cuts. His job isn’t safe heading into Thursday’s action like last season. He’ll need to show some improvement if he wants to make the final cut.

Isaac Gutierrez: It’s Justin Jackson for me. All signs point to him being a victim of his own body and ending up being cut due to injury. It will be interesting to see what happens if he comes out and puts up a great performance in the last preseason game. The chances are slim, but there’s still some hope for him.

Jamie Hoyle: I can’t believe I’m the first to say this, but I’ll be watching Forrest Lamp on offense. He’s slated to play quite a bit and I’m anxious to see him in his first extended game action. I want to see him work at the second level and get a sense for how he holds up in pass protection. He’s honestly the only player on offense worth watching in the preseason finale because, quite frankly, I’ve seen enough of the rest of the backups along the offensive line and the skill positions are already set.

Michael Peterson: I will be watching the tight ends. I wouldn’t be surprised to see all the tight ends play, especially the ones at the bottom of the depth chart as the coaches use this final game to see what they have after they’ve barely shown a thing in the first three games. Johnson, Hunt, and Hamm SHOULD play a lot, but we will see.

Matthew Stanley: Since we got teased last week, I’ll be watching Forrest Lamp. The starting offensive line already looks fantastic and if Lamp even sort of lives up to the hype, adding him to the starting line ASAP would be amazing. Lamp hasn’t played in a game in almost 2 years so there will probably be some rust, but I’m more looking at how confidently he moves and how well he moves. It will also be interesting to see if they put him on a restricted snap count or if they really get him out there for a good chunk of time to see how he responds, especially considering he’ll have 10 days before the 1st game.

Richard Wade: I’m on the same page as Hoyle and Stanley here. I cannot wait to watch Forrest Lamp. The possibility of him starting the season in the starting lineup is almost too good to be true and I will be watching him closely to see if he looks ready to be on the field.

Louis Gorini: I hate to play copy cat but I am going to echo Matt’s responses [Editor’s Note: Who is Matt?]. On offense I am excited to see Lamp play. I just want to see how he performs in his first game in over 18 months. As long as he gets through the game without a set back and doesn’t looked overwhelmed then I will be more than thrilled.

Garrett Sisti: Forrest Lamp and Justin Jackson will be the key attractions but Artavis Scott and Geremy Davis can each earn or lose a job tonight.

Who will you be watching when the offense take the field?