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Has Mike Williams finally arrived?

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Stellar training camp? Check. Balling out in the preseason? Check. Ready for the NFL regular season...?

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Los Angeles Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

In the staff’s slack chat, while the guys were going back-and-forth on whether the team will actually sign TE Antonio Gates prior to the season opener, our very own Jamie Hoyle asked a fairly thought-provoking question:

“What were everyone’s impressions of Mike Williams in the preseason? Has he arrived? Or are you taking more of a wait-and-see approach?”

This got the guys thinking and we all had enough to say about the subject that we might as well throw it into a roundtable and see what the rest of you guys think, as well.

So here we go. Has Mike Williams shown enough in the preseason to qualify as “arrived” or is it all meaningless until the regular season?

Jamie Hoyle: No, he hasn’t arrived yet. Don’t get me wrong, I think he looked good in spurts and has clearly made some positive strides, but he did all of his preseason damage against second and third team corners fighting for jobs. He hasn’t even managed to leapfrog Travis Benjamin or Tyrell Williams on the depth chart yet. Call me crazy, but a preseason touchdown against Akeem Grant, who probably won’t make Seattle’s 53-man roster, just doesn’t do anything for me. I’m definitely taking a wait-and-see approach before declaring Mike has arrived.

Louis Gorini: I’m definitely taking a wait-and-see approach. He hasn’t really connected with Rivers during game action, he hasn’t really been with the ones, either. But I don’t think he’s a bust like White has been for the Bears.

Ruben Gonzalez: I think he has arrived. He’s got that confidence he was missing last year. That has everything to do with him being healthy and trusting his body. With Keenan on the other side, and Tyrell in the mix, he may not see as many targets, but you can bet that he will be Phillip’s first look anywhere inside of the 20 yd line.

Max Schultz: For me, he’s merely elevated himself from bust to sometime contributor. I can’t see why anybody would say he’s showing his draft potential, yet.

Richard Wade: I tend to agree with Max. I haven’t seen anything that has me ready to count on Williams.

Daniel Stebbins: I don’t feel he has arrived, not as one would reasonably expect from a 7th-overall pick. I do, however, feel he will take a major leap forward compared to last season. I’d say he has likely now become a major contributor, but for 7th overall that person should be a focal point, not just a great tool.

Mike Murray: He arrived to the preseason. We will have to wait until September 9th to see if that translates to real NFL games. Everything seems to be pointing in the direction that he is going to be a superstar, but we won’t really know until it is tested in the real NFL environment. Now if we are projecting where we think he will land, I think anywhere between top 5 receiver in the league and a really good #2.

Michael Peterson: I am fairly on-the-fence about Mike Williams and whether or not he has finally “arrived”. If we transplanted his performance from this preseason and moved it back a year, how would we have felt about it then? I feel fans would still be excited about his play, but with it being his sophomore campaign, I can understand why most wouldn’t be all that impressed. I think from what we have seen so far, there have been a number of traits shown that show promise and the potential to translate into the regular season but until that happens I will just take the wait-and-see approach like Hoyle and others.

What do you guys think? Get in on the conversation and tell us whether or not you believe Mike Williams has finally “arrived” .