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Who has been the Chargers’ most impressive player on offense?

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Los Angeles Chargers v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Okay everyone, which offensive player has impressed you most through the first three weeks of the preseason?

Matthew Stanley: Mike Pouncey looks like a complete stud at Center. He can do everything this offense asks of him and do it very well. It has been sorely missed.

Jamie Sewell: I would say Austin Ekeler, but him being this good isn’t really a surprise, so I’ll go for Mike Pouncey. If preseason form is anything to go by, we’re getting the healthy, athletic version of Pouncey. He can really move, and he looks like being a crucial addition to this Chargers OL. That position group is in the best place it’s been in for a long time.

Jason Michaels: I have been most impressed by Geno Smith, who I was not at all impressed with during his tenure for the Jets. Or the Giants. He has outplayed his competition, earning himself the clear preference for QB2. The biggest shame of this is that his battle likely won’t produce any results during the regular season, but it’s good to know that the Chargers if they go his route, will have an NFL-caliber backup if Rivers gets injured.

Kyle Posey: I’d say the first team OL has been impressive. Giving the QBs time, giving the RBs lanes to run through. Pouncey looks like a stud. You get Feeney with another year under his belt. When Lamp is ready, look out.

Garrett Sisti: Mike “Punchey” Pouncey has been so fun to watch, but I’m gonna go with Detrez Newsome. Newsome was projected as the last back on the depth chart and has completely leapfrogged the competition and earned himself a spot on the roster blowing by the 7th round pick Justin Jackson. Newsome can scoot, he’s good after the catch and showed good patience on the TD run vs. the Saints. Newsome’s TD celebrations alone have been the highlights of the preseason.

Cole Thompson: First team o line is going to be hard to contain. Pouncey has looked great. Get Lamp back it’s going to be a potential top-level line.

Jamie Hoyle: I would have gone with Pouncey but I’m late to the party, so I’ll go with Artavis Scott on offense. He’s done a great job of finding openings in the short and intermediate passing game and, outside of one drop against the Saints, has caught the ball very well. I didn’t expect him to make the roster, but he has absolutely earned a spot. Very impressed with Artavis.

Mike Murray: It’s Newsome for me. I don’t think many of us expected him to make the team, but it looks like he will do that and be a contributor.

Daniel Stebbins: Artavis Scott is my choice here, as hard as it is not to pick Pouncey or Newsome, he’s really shown a ton. I didn’t have any sort of expectations for the guy, only that he’d be one of the names we would talk about in the fourth quarter of these games. Instead, he showed an ability to get open and, outside of an ugly drop against the Saints, consistently made plays when needed. I feel it would be a mistake to not have him on the 53 at this point. With Tyrell on a one year deal and Benjamin costing an arm and a leg for not much, WR long-term beyond the top 2 guys is a question. One I feel Scott could be a part of the answer to.

Michael Peterson: It’s got to be Detrez Newsome for me. After the draft, some felt that Justin Jackson was likely winning the RB3 job after his illustrious career at Northwestern. No one would have thought the Chargers found another diamond in the rough at the same position in back-to-back years.

Ruben J. Gonzalez: The person on offense who has impressed me the most is Mike Williams. I mean, if what we are seeing in preseason and training camp is the @darealmike_dub, then I feel kinda bad for knocking him through last year’s failed season. He must have really been dealing with injuries, because he looks like he’s gonna be a total freak for this offense... just like Lynn thought he would be.

Which offensive player has stood out to you? Let us know in the comments.