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ESPN’s Louis Riddick: “The way he moves remind me of Sean Taylor.”

The NFL analyst had sky-high praise for the rookie safety

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Los Angeles Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday, ESPN NFL analyst Louis Riddick spent some time on the Stephen A. Smith show talking about the Chargers, their defense, and S Derwin James . Riddick confessed that he likes the Chargers in the (AFC) West this year, making a point to say he now sees playmakers at all three levels of the Chargers’ defense and now considers himself “on the Chargers’ bandwagon, too.”

Riddick then went on to give some eye-popping thoughts about what he sees in the Chargers’ most recent first-round pick.

“This kid, when he plays, it gives me chills because the way he moves reminds me of Sean Taylor. Just the way he glides and eats up ground. It’s weird to me. I get flashbacks when I watch him play.”

That is some astronomical praise to be had for a rookie who hasn’t even taken a regular season snap yet in the NFL, but not many NFL analysts are as experienced and knowledgeable about the game the way Riddick is. He is someone who has experience at almost every level of the game and when he talks, people listen.

Take this praise for what it’s worth, but if you are like me, you can’t help but get a bit more excited to see #33 take the field on September 9th.