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Chargers have sold out of 2018 season tickets

Newsflash: This team has officially sold out

On the eve of the 2018 season, there is a little more positive news about the LA Chargers: They have officially sold out of season tickets for the year.

Although critics might ho-hum and grumble about the non-news of selling out a 25,386-seat soccer stadium, it still bodes well for the team and franchise. Although official numbers haven’t been released as to the threshold of the sell-out, the Chargers official ticketing website does state that “roughly 500 single-game tickets will be available for each home game.” If this team starts the year with the traction gained down the stretch last year, it won’t be a surprise to formally sell out every seat for the season.

However, this does not compare favorably to the 2017 season, where the Chargers were able to sell out by March 27. That said, there is the genuine possibility that tickets last season were purchased with the express intent of resell, capitalizing on the Chargers’ move to LA. This is corroborated by the low rate of use and successful resale of tickets.

The Chargers’ move to LA was marred by bumps and bruises, but when the team began to settle in, the product on the field improved. At this point, the good news of the sellout can be construed as bad news when compared to last year. However, the numbers should align similarly to the number of seats spoken for. The difference that the Chargers will look forward to finding out this year is whether or not those spoken-for seats end up sat upon.

But if you missed out on the chance to grab season tickets this year, don’t fret—you can still reserve your spot for season tickets. The caveat is that they are for the 2020 season, and that they’ll be for a yet-to-be-completed stadium and still-unknown pricing. It’ll cost $100, which is a refundable down-payment, to hold your spot in line for those 8-ticket packages. If the Chargers are able to sell-out their soon-to-be 70,000 seat venue, that will certainly bode well!

-Jason “No Place Like Home” Michaels