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Anthony Lynn: Forrest Lamp could start week 1

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NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

At his post-game press conference, Los Angeles Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn stated that the team intends to give second-year offensive lineman Forrest Lamp a lot of snaps during next week’s game 4 of the preseason. Should he prove himself capable, the team apparently would like to have him start game 1 of the NFL regular season against the Kansas City Chiefs.

That would be a pretty bold move by the Chargers second-year coach to start a player whose only live game action as a professional came in the fourth week of the preseason. This is especially bold given that Lamp would be tasked with protecting the Chargers’ most valuable asset in future Hall of Famer Philip Rivers.

It is entirely possible that Lynn is just trying to give Lamp something to strive for, but it is certainly very interesting that this is even being put out there as a possibility.