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Forrest Lamp is in street clothes and will not play tonight

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NFL: Los Angeles Chargers-Training Camp Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone was looking forward to watching the second-year offensive lineman in live game action tonight, but Jack Wang has some bad news for us via Twitter:

While the promising young lineman warmed up with the team before the game, he apparently did not feel ready to go, and we will now have to wait until at least game 4 of the preseason to see him. On the plus side, the offensive line with Russell Okung, Dan Feeney, Mike Pouncey, Michael Schofield, and Joe Barksdale looked solid this evening. That said, this purely bad news. It’s not necessarily going to carry over into the regular season, but the odds that Lamp is ready to go week 1 just got worse. He may very well be given the opportunity to work in more slowly as a backup since he has the versatility to play at both guard and tackle. But maybe we will get better news next week.