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BFTB Roundtable: Which player are you most excited to watch on offense against the Saints?

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Prior to the NFL’s “dress rehearsal”, the staff discusses the offensive players they will be watching Saturday night.

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Los Angeles Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The third week of the preseason is mostly known as the “dress rehearsal” for the NFL regular season. It is the game where the starters are likely to play the most out of the four preseason games and the best chance a fan can have to seeing what their team will look like when the games matter.

Tonight is that night for the Chargers. It is also the first time Saints QB Drew Brees will take snaps this preseason, as well. Each of these teams are loaded with talent. Quarterbacks, edge rushers, cornerbacks, rising offensive line talent. This game will have it all.

According to the coaching staff, the starting offense will play just about the entire first half with the possibility of Philip Rivers retiring for the night prior to the rest of the unit. Either way, this game will be a decent barometer on what we can expect from this offense in the regular season as it takes on one of the best defenses from 2017.

Jamie Hoyle: I’ll be watching Mike Pouncey. For some reason, after watching less than reliable centers like Chris Watt, Trevor Robinson, Rich Ornberger, and Spencer Pulley whiff on blocks and spend entire games on their heels, I’m drawn to a center who can do the little things - like pass protect and climb to the second level. I know - it’s crazy - but I can’t help myself.

Louis Gorini: I am going to be looking at Mike Williams. Even though he’s been practicing well and has had some flashes during the first two pre season games, doesn’t change the fact that he’s been working with the second stringers during those games. I want to see his chemistry with Rivers and how he does against better competition.

Cody Young: I would like to see Mike Williams getting some extended time running with the first team offense. He’s been blowing up practices and made a great play last week against Seattle. I want to see him continue to play at that level against some tougher competition.

Daniel Stebbins: This WR group put on a show in practice this week. As much as I’d like to say the whole unit, I’m going to limit it to the battle going on for the last spot/spots. Geremy Davis and Artavis Scott are easily good enough to be on this roster. Davis saw a lot of work with the first unit on the outside and can make some huge plays, whereas Scott has been consistent and dependable working in the second unit with the occasional first string snap thrown in.

Matthew Stanley: I’ll be watching Forrest Lamp, I haven’t seen anything saying he wont play so I’m going to assume he will play. We have all waited over a year to see him play, and now it looks like we finally will. The day is almost here and I can’t wait to see him doing work.

Michael Peterson: My eyes will be transfixed on Forrest Lamp if, and when, he takes the tonight. I doubt we will see much but I will be analyzing every detail of every snap he takes to make sure we got our guy back. He was an absolute technician at Western Kentucky and I can only hope he didn’t lose those elite fundamentals.

It has been a long time coming. It feels like just yesterday that I was just getting done at the gym and decided to check my phone for any updates regarding the first day of full pads at training camp.

To my utter dismay, I read those words over and over again. “Lamp”, “ACL”, “Done”.

Tonight, I may finally get to see the #77 trot out onto the field.

Tonight, I may finally realize the wait has been worth it.