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Chargers make a pair of roster moves

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Another day, another roster move

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Chargers have made another roster move today to bring in a fresh pair of legs to the stable of RBs.

The Chargers only had 2 RBs that were healthy and active last week, Melvin Gordon and Detrez Newsome. Russell Hansbrough, Austin Ekeler, and Justin Jackson were all inactive with injuries.

While Ekeler has returned to practice, Justin Jackson is still hurt and not practicing. The team decided they need to bring in another set of legs in case Hansbrough and/or can’t go this weekend, and that set of legs is Terrell Watson.

Watson has experience both running the ball and as a kick returner. He also has a unique story. I really like all the RBs the Chargers currently have, but it’s hard not to root for a guy like Watson, seeing where he came from and what he has battled through to get here:

The corresponding move was to Waived/Injured LB James Onwualu. If nobody claims him on waivers he will move to the Chargers Injured Reserve list.