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Forrest Lamp participates in team drills for the first time in training camp

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There are no Monday Blues when there’s Forrest Lamp news.

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers-Training Camp Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

If you were having a terrible Monday so far, fear not, we have a Forrest Lamp update that’s piping hot and ready for you to digest.

According to Chargers ESPN Beat Writer Eric Williams, Lamp was seen participating in team drills for the first time this training camp. As it has been well-documented by yours truly, Lamp is well over his one year mark of his ACL-tear during last year’s camp but the coaching staff has decided cautious optimism is the theme for this year’s injured players.

Guys like DE Joey Bosa and WR Dylan Cantrell suffered minor injuries earlier in training camp and while they were deemed “nothing serious”, the team has kept both players out of harm’s way for the first two games without giving much in terms of their foreseeable return to practice.

Although Lamp is officially back to practicing with the team in some capacity, I would be surprised to see him take the field this week against the Saints, or at all in the remaining preseason slate.

I’m obviously dying to see Lamp take the field, but if I have to suffer a couple more weeks to make sure everything with him is fine and dandy, I’m willing go through that.