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Chargers Make a Pair of Roster Moves

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Neither involve Antonio Gates

NFL: Preseason-San Francisco 49ers at San Diego Chargers Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

After the first preseason game, the Los Angeles Chargers have made a couple of roster moves.

The first was to bring in another Tight End.

TE was a question mark going into the game, and the team did not like the answer they got during the game. None of the TEs excelled, and most performed poorly. As of right now Virgil Green is TE1 and Sean Culkin is the best of the rest so he is TE2. Braedon Bowman and Ben Johnson are competing for TE3 but both had very poor performances on Saturday Night.

Therefore the team has decided to bring in TE Je’Ron Hamm. Hamm is a former WR who the Saints converted to TE after they signed him as an UDFA in 2014. He is listed at 6’3 236 and has 2 career catches for 13 yards (he has 8 catches for 134 yards in preseason games).

The team waived WR Marcus Peterson to make room for Hamm.

The second move the team made was to bring in another LB, Kyle Coleman.

Coleman spent time with the Chargers last pre-season and had a 30 yard pick six against the 49ers.

This move is a little more puzzling. With the very positive showing from the Chargers rookie LBs in week 1, the need to bring in another LB isn’t super apparent.

To make this move even more puzzling, the team waived DL Albert Havili. The DL as a whole looked bad in the 1st preseason game, so I’m not sure why they are decreasing the number of people in that competition.