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Where were you when Dennis Gibson sent the Chargers to the Super Bowl?

Dennis Gibson

Throughout the year, SB Nation asks its NFL team sites to address a theme. This week, that theme is “where were you when” and so we are asking all of you, “where were you on January 15, 1995, when Dennis Gibson sent the San Diego Chargers to their first and so far only Super Bowl?

It has been over 23 years since this event, so a fair number of you probably aren’t old enough to remember (and some of you weren’t even born) but for those that were, this moment was unforgettable. It is arguably the most exciting moment Chargers fans have ever been able to experience.

A pair of 43-yard touchdown passes by Stan Humphries to Alfred Pupunu and Tony Martin respectively gave the Chargers a 17-13 lead with time winding down in the 4th Quarter. Neil O’Donnell drove the Steelers down the field before being forced into a 4th down on the Chargers’ 3-yard-line. O’Donnell dropped back and looked for running back Barry Foster in the endzone, but the veteran linebacker Gibson broke on the ball and batted it down to seal the victory.

I will always remember celebrating the play in a room full of family and friends that had all been anxiously watching the Steelers march down the field “knowing” that Pittsburgh was going to find a way to win. Thankfully, that anxiety was misplaced and this is still the happiest moment I can remember as a Chargers fan.

Where were you on January 15, 1995? What do you remember most about this moment?