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Chargers Release 2018 Uniform Schedule

The Chargers just released their lineup of uniform combinations for the season. How many times will you get to see your favorite?

NFL: Super Bowl LII Experience Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Early Wednesday morning, the Chargers decided to fill the void left from Training Camp’s day off with the announcement of their uniform schedule for the upcoming season. There weren’t many surprises on the schedule as we have come to expect some of the usual details. Here is what the team’s Home-game schedule looks like:

And here is the Away schedule:

Other points of interest:

  • The greatest uniforms in the NFL, the Powder Blues, will be worn twice this season. The first being a divisional match-up against the Raiders on October 7th at Home while the second will be the competition across the pond when the Chargers face the Titans in London.
  • The white-on-white combination will be worn only twice, as well. The first coming in the home-opener against the Chiefs on what has been affectionately referred to as White Hot Sunday. The Bolts will go all-whites in Week 4 when they host the 49ers on September 30th.
  • The navy-on-navy combination, which became a huge hit with players and fans last season, will be worn three times at home. Those games will be Week 11, 14, and 16 against the Broncos, Bengals, and Ravens, respectively.
  • The team is also bringing back the royal blue “color rush” jerseys for another year as the uniform has become one of the most popular fits in the league since the special edition jerseys were introduced into the league by Nike several years ago. They will be worn against the Cardinals in a home game on November 25th.

As it stands, you can expect the usual home and away uniforms combinations to fill in the rest of the games on the schedule.

What do you guys think of the uniform schedule? Where did the team get it right? Or wrong? Let us know .