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Derwin James Claims an 80 Player Rating in Madden 19

Fans can’t argue with James’ above-average rating before he ever takes the field.

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers Minicamp Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

In a recent article from, around 20 player ratings for top rookies were released for the upcoming edition of the Madden video games. The ratings for the top-5 quarterbacks, running backs, and wide receivers were announced before they listed the top-5 grades overall for all defensive players. They were as follows:

  • LB Roquan Smith - 81
  • CB Denzel Ward - 80
  • DE Bradley Chubb - 80
  • S Derwin James - 80
  • DT Vita Vea - 79

Some casual fans may find it interesting that James sits at the same rating as Chubb and Ward, both of whom were top-5 overall selection in this year’s draft. The more hardcore film-junkies would argue that James was a top-10 talent in the entire draft so this announcement is more on par with their expectations.

The Chargers look to be one of the more talented teams in this year’s version of Madden once again, without having many players reach into the 90+ rating tier. By the end of the 2017 season, the Chargers finished with one, maybe two, players in the 90’s depending on which roster update you were at.

The squad on Madden 19 looks to be stacked once more around the skill positions and the defensive line which is always a phenomenal recipe for success on the virtual and real football field.

Look for the latest version of Madden to be released on August 10th and prepare yourself to run the table with the Bolts this season.