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What Is the Biggest Chargers Storyline Heading Into Training Camp?

Los Angeles Chargers v New York Jets Photo by Ed Mulholland/Getty Images

Well, gentlemen, what do you think is the biggest storyline for the Chargers before training camp gets going?

Jason Michaels: Silly as it may be, I think that the biggest story heading into camp is how this team handles being considered the favorites to win the division. Do they buy the hype? Do they feel they have the pieces to avoid ‘Chargering’ away so many single-point games?

These are the two most common thoughts I’m seeing from the media, so I’m sure they’re aware

Matthew Stanley: I think at this point the biggest story heading into camp is can any of the TE’s currently on the roster step up to help fill the void left by the Hunter Henry injury, or are they going to need to get Antonio Gates on the phone before the season?

Ryan Doyle: The Chargers sorting out the tight end position is the biggest storyline during camp. With whispers around Antonio Gates’ return and no other reliable options on the roster at the moment, it’s one of the team’s biggest concerns.

Richard Wade: I tend to agree that the biggest storyline is probably the tight end position, but I think an underrated storyline heading into camp is the return of Forrest Lamp. Last year’s second-round pick has yet to play in a regular season NFL game and he may already be the most talented offensive lineman on the team. He could, along with Mike Pouncey, form the core of a very good line in front of Philip Rivers and Melvin Gordon.

Jason Michaels: Ooo.. and kickers.
Caleb Sturgis can be the rock we finally need.. if he’s over his hip injury that got him booted from the Eagles

Louis Gorini: The biggest storyline should be will Mike Williams justify his first round selection from a year ago and actually show improvement or will he continue his downward spiral and be forced to sit behind Tyrell Williams and Travis Benjamin. The Chargers need Mike Williams now more than ever especially with the Hunter Henry injury. Williams needs to show he can understand the offense and will have some great competition in camp with the elite corners he will be facing in camp every day.

Jamie Sewell: I think the biggest storyline is what happens with the CB position. There’s too much talent there to all see the field at once, and Jason Verrett, Trevor Williams and Desmond King are all competing to start opposite Casey ‘Not a system corner’ Hayward.’ That competition then branches out into other storylines - does Des King move to safety? Would a trade be in the works for Verrett? You don’t see battles of this quality very often in training camp.

Ruben J. Gonzales: I think the biggest storyline heading into the season is are they going to sign Antonio Gates. I can see ‘Gates Watch’ coming complete with some fan bringing a Gates cutout and every day adding another numeral indicating how many days the ordeal is lasting. Of course, this is happening because of Hunter Henry’s injury and the seemingly lack of urgency attitude to fill his void with another body. Gates Watch will be televised!

Michael Peterson: To no surprise from me, the biggest headline I’m looking forward to is the health of Forrest Lamp. If he is anywhere near 100%, he could step in and reinforce the right side of the line that has underperformed for the last several years. His 2016 tape still brings tears of joy to my eyes. It was that good.

Daniel Stebbins: I think there are a number of fascinating storylines, many already mentioned here, but one I’m excited to see is the linebacker group and who sees time where. With the additions of Nwosu and White, and a fully healthy Perryman, we could and should see a very different looking group than last season. Considering how poorly the group has performed for some time, the added talent could be a breath of fresh air. How that impacts guys we have seen for a couple years like Dzubnar, Emanuel and Brown, not to mention Hayes Pullard, should be an interesting situation playing out over training camp.

Garrett Sisti: What are they doing with that Safety group? Specifically who’s going to be the starting Free Safety and where does Derwin James fit in? James played all over in OTAs even getting some reps at SS behind Addae but they don’t have a clear leader to take over FS. Also is the team going to throw Desmond King back there and ask him to play centerfield when he’s so good near the line of scrimmage? How about answering your question with more questions?

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.