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Chargers Offensive Line Ranks 23rd in the NFL by Pro Football Focus

With two new starters, it’s not surprising to see the once-struggling unit have some doubters.

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NFL: Los Angeles Chargers Workout Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today, Pro Football Focus’ Mike Renner dropped his latest NFL offensive line rankings of the league’s best units heading into the 2018 season. These rankings are updated from a previous post that ranked the units immediately following the end of last season.

It’s not that I was expecting the Chargers’ unit to be a top-10 group or anything like that, but I definitely didn’t expect them to be in the bottom third of the entire league. The Bolts were actually a top team in terms of the least amount of sacks given up while Rivers owned the lowest percentage of being sacked when under pressure.

However, it’s not the most surprising thing to see them lower than expected by the fans. We are already gassing up a line that will bring back Forrest Lamp and the addition of Mike Pouncey to replace Spencer Pulley and Kenny Wiggins. Both Pulley and Wiggins rated at the very bottom of their respective positions in pressures allowed.

You obviously have nowhere but up to go from there.

If you don’t feel like checking out the entire article, here’s what Mr. Renner had to say about the Bolts:

Overall Grades From Last Season for Projected Starters

Left Tackle: Russell Okung, 77.4 overall grade
Left Guard: Dan Feeney, 48.5
Center: Mike Pouncey, 46.5
Right Guard: Forrest Lamp, 91.7* (2016 college grade)
Right Tackle: Joe Barksdale, 50.7

“There is a lot of projection here with Dan Feeney and Forrest Lamp in Year 2 as well as Mike Pouncey, but it’s impossible to think things could get worse. Kenny Wiggins allowed the most pressures of any guard in the league last year (41) while Spencer Pulley allowed the most of any center (38). Simply getting those two out of the lineup has to be worth something.”

Once training camp gets underway, I expect the line to gel fairly quickly. Bringing in a veteran at center will make that connection with Philip Rivers click faster and I’d expect Lamp to get up to speed fast than your average first-year starter.

My hopes are about as high as anyone’s with this unit and I think everyone else shouldn’t worry about getting their hopes up, either.

Now excuse me, I’m going splinter my office desk with how hard I’m about to knock on it.