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The Los Angeles Rams Look To Claim San Diego NFL Fans

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Los Angeles Rams Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The so-called Fight For LA continues to be dominated by the Los Angeles Rams. Not only will they own the stadium the two franchises eventually play in, they have been better on the field of play (they won the NFC West in 2017) and have been the more interesting team in the offseason (they have made some huge player acquisitions). And now the Rams not content to simply own the Los Angeles market are making a move on the Chargers’ old home of San Diego.

This is a solid move and could go a good way toward helping cement the Chargers as at best Southern California’s #2 NFL team (more likely #3 with the Raiders still commanding a huge share of the region’s interest). The Chargers, as we have come to expect, were apparently caught off guard:

As a lifelong fan of the Chargers, I’m not surprised, I’m just disappointed.