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Report: WR Mike Williams returns to practice

Good to see it was a minor injury

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers Workout Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Former Chargers first round pick WR Mike Williams has returned to practice after missing a little time.

As we know, Mike Will missed a lot of time last year due to a lingering back injury. For him to make the improvement he needs to make to get into the starting lineup, he needs all the practice time he can get.

Wide receivers not only need a firm grasp of the playbook to know their routes, but also need to develop timing with their Quarterback.

Mike’s development is even more important now that Hunter Henry is done for the year. The Chargers need all hands on deck in the receiving corps, especially big bodies like Mike who will be vital on 3rd down and in the red zone.

Hopefully he stays healthy the rest of the offseason, and through the season for that matter, they’re going to need him.