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How Would You Change The Chargers’ Uniforms?

I took to Twitter to find some answers.

NFL: Washington Redskins at Los Angeles Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this month I took to twitter to gather some opinions on the Chargers’ impending ability to make changes to their uniforms following the 2018 season. I asked fans what changes they would prefer to see the team make, if any at all.

I’ll go ahead and repeat my opinion on a potential change: I would like to see the Chargers use the powder blue jerseys as their primary home jerseys and tweak the away uniforms to have the powder blue intertwined where the navy currently is. I would also like to see the team utilize the retro shield crest as their logo along with the lightning bolt.

I think it’s a nice compromise between changing the whole thing and not changing anything at all. The team will feel fresh and new as it heads into the Inglewood Stadium while separating themselves from the far-too-similar color scheme with the Rams.

The various responses I got to my initial tweet were fairly varied. They ranged from minor suggestions involving how they deploy their current jerseys to total revamps of the entire team from top to bottom.

Our very own Matthew Stanley was the first to respond. He believes the road jerseys should be our navy on navy combination. I could see this happening but only if our home jerseys were changed to the white on white combo. It’s similar to what the Dallas Cowboys do and I can get behind it. I personally love it whenever they go all white, especially for the season-opener.

Mr. HausVonSchlegel had an opinion that would be considered on one of the far ends of the spectrum. He offered up the suggestion the team should completely reinvent itself and take full advantage of the move. I agree that the chance to give new fans something they can call their own from the very beginning could pay huge dividends. Fans love their teams to an irrational level. The warm and fuzzy feelings that fandom can bring to the masses is unparalleled in similar mediums.

I wouldn’t be against this idea, although it also wouldn’t be fun to realize my complete collection of jerseys, collectables, and other miscellaneous Charger items will suddenly become “vintage.”

J-Bone kept it simple with his response. He would like to see the primary jerseys become the navy on navy combo while changing the helmet back to the navy version that was utilized by Dan Fouts and Kellen Winslow before being sent out in a blaze of glory during the mid-2000’s by LaDainian Tomlinson and prime Antonio Gates.

Another vote for incorporating the navy on navy here by Jeremy. He would also like to see a soft gray combination similar to one of the alternates for the Seattle Seahawks.

I do like his idea of bringing back some of the AFL powder blue and white jerseys. Maybe just as an alternate once a year or find a way to incorporates concepts from those uniforms into new ones going forward. Obviously this fits my opinion on what I’d like to see so this gets my approval.

Chris really likes the color rush and doesn’t feel like he needs to say much more than five words.

I like the color rush jerseys a lot. I do think the blue can be toned down a skootch. It looks almost cartoon-ish and I could not take it seriously as a primary jersey as it stands. Otherwise, not a bad idea if the rest of the fans love them as much as Chris does.

Scott is out here with the wildest take of the bunch. Incorporating more yellow into the jerseys would be quite interesting, to say the least. My only worry is allowing the team the opportunity to screw it up and have the squad rolling out of the tunnel something incredibly unflattering. The idea makes me immediately recall the Jaguars’ mustard-yellow color rush unis in the past.

However, I could see a yellow alternate looking awfully cool if they were to really hit it out of the park.

What do you guys think about the possibility of the Bolts changing things up? New colors? Designs? A whole new logo? What would you all like to see? Let us know.