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Chargers EDGE Duo Leaves Little Time for Opposing QBs, via PFF

Quarterbacks going against the Bolts better not blink.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Los Angeles Chargers Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Year after year, elite pass rushers become more and more prevalent to the success of not just an NFL defense, but to the entire team’s success as well.

It’s no wonder so many analysts have the Chargers’ hype arrow pointing to the sky.

Recently, the fine fellows from Pro Football Focus (PFF) announced the Chargers have the quickest pass rush in the NFL. According to their analysis, LA’s defenders average getting pressure on the quarterback in just 2.27 seconds. The Browns, Steelers, and Eagles are all tied in second place with 2.33 seconds until pressure, with the Broncos in fifth at 2.37.

If there is one obvious thing in common with all these teams (minus the Browns), it’s that they’ve all found some relative success over the last several years. Even the Browns should have hope for a stellar pass rush in 2018, headlined by last year’s number one overall selection DE Myles Garrett.

It’s been fun, albeit maybe a bit teasing, to see all the PFF graphics posted proclaiming how great the pass rush is or how stacked the defensive backfield looks going into 2018. Obviously we cannot get carried away but it’s better than not appearing on any graphics at all.

Here’s to hoping the hype not only continues, but is very much justified during the season.