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Should the Los Angeles Chargers Re-Sign Antonio Gates?

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Should the Los Angeles Chargers re-sign Antonio Gates?

Matthew Stanley: Yes, the Chargers should re-sign Antonio Gates. However, it won’t completely solve things. It will help, but he most certainly will not replace what the team expected to get from Hunter Henry.

Richard Wade: Reflexively, I want to say “yes,” but I’m not convinced that bringing back Gates is actually the right decision. He’s the greatest tight end in franchise history, but he is well past his prime and I don’t love the way that Philip Rivers still occasionally locked in on him last season.

Jamie Hoyle: No, I don’t think the Chargers should re-sign Antonio Gates. It seems like an easy fix but I don’t think it actually fixes anything. They decided to move on because they had Henry, but also because they thought he didn’t add enough value to bring him back, and his inability to add value doesn’t really change just because Henry got hurt. Trust the evaluation and move on, he’d fade by mid-season if they asked him to replace Hunter Henry’s snaps on the offense. I’d rather take a flier on Julius Thomas than go back to the well with Gates again.

Jamie Sewell: No, Gates isn’t the answer. He’s nothing more than a very limited role player at this point in his career, and bringing him back would be for nostalgia reasons over anything else.

John Gennaro: Rivers is that weird guy that doesn’t like people he doesn’t already know. He’s already pissed that Gates is gone, and they spent two years getting him comfortable with Hunter first. If you bring in a fresh face, El Capitan is going to lose his shit and/or never throw to him.

Garrett Sisti: No I’d take a look at a few free agent Tight Ends before bringing Gates back. There was a time where Gates would demand attention just by being on the field even when he wasn’t as effective as he’d been in the past; that time is gone now.

Kyle Posey: I wouldn’t sign Gates. He’ll likely give you a solid stretch of plays but at this point, the team is better without him. If Whiz is creative, he’ll slide Keenan Allen inside & generate targets in Hunter Henry’s absence. I’d roll with 4 WRs & spread teams out. It would likely create bigger run lanes for Melvin Gordon.

Jason Michaels: Yes, the Chargers should make every effort to re-sign Antonio Gates. As a PR move, this is a win. As a move of necessity, this is a no-brainer. Is it likely? I’d give it a 50/50 shot, but the proverbial ball is firmly in Gates’ hands. Keep in mind, I don’t think that this would ‘fix’ the situation, the question was Should the Chargers re-sign Antonio Gates. The answer is YES, they should definitely try. They will need another helper, but there are too many upsides to this move.

Ruben J. Gonzalez: No, I don’t think they should re-sign Antonio Gates. It was evident last year that he has lost a step and is only really good for those 5-yard curls. If they wanted to bring somebody back, I would consider Jeff Cumberland. At one point in training camp a few years back I remember one of the coaches say that he was the fastest player on the field. Cumberland would eventually tear his Achilles and we never got to see what he could do. I’m still curious. Ask me about trading for Gronk, and I will give you an absolute yes! Even if he’s only with the Chargers for one or two years, that’s fine because Henry will be full strength by then.

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Should the Chargers try to re-sign Antonio Gates?

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