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Chargers 2018 rookie camp starts today

New Chargers players start their careers in the NFL today.

NFL: NFL Draft Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Careers for Chargers’ 2018 draft class and UDFA group begins today. The next 3 days will be the rookie mini camp.

It’s an important time for rookies as it is not only their first real day on the job in the NFL, but also their first experience with their new coaching staff. The next three days are not so much about football practice, but it is when coaches will need to make expectations clear of what it means to be a Charger. The rookies will need to make a strong impression with their attitude and hustle as they start to form relationships with their position coaches and fellow team mates.

It is also a fun time for fans as we will get to see the first pictures of these new stars in Chargers uniforms as well as some videos of them in action and some post practice interviews.

The rookies also seem to be excited to get started.