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My Favorite Player at Each Position in the 2018 NFL Draft

Kyle Posey gives you his favorite players in the draft to watch

NCAA Football: Mississippi at Florida State Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

A couple days ago I gave you my thoughts on some overrated guys. Next week I’ll give you some underrated names that I feel are being slept on and can help a team right away. Today is for my favorites. Today is all bias. Some of these guys have obvious flaws. I do not give a damn. They are fun to watch. Here are my favorite players at every position.


Sam Darnold, USC

He turned the ball over this many times. He has an elongated release. Blah blah blah. He is a 20-year old that was this close to being a linebacker just two years ago. Look what he’s done without hardly any coaching. He has a natural feel for the position. A very good understanding for how to play it. Love his ability to create in the pocket and buy time. In this clip below you’ll see why he’s my favorite.

When your best trait is his pocket presence and you can thrive under pressure despite bodies around you, you’re bound to be good.

Running Back

Rashaad Penny, San Diego State

I don’t know, maybe it’s the big play ability I’m a sucker for. Touchdowns are fun, sue me. Penny has 1st round balance. The first defender rarely brings him down. He’s going to be faster than every second level defender and most secondary players that try to tackle him. Here’s my quick scouting report on him:

I told someone I’m guessing this is what Eddie George looked like in college. Clearly, that’s hyperbole. The comparison is probably even off. Just from a dominance factor. Still taking bets that Penny will lead all rookie rushers next year.

Wide Receiver/Tight End

DaeSean Hamilton, Penn State

He was a sleeper candidate a couple months ago. I think now he’s overrated by some. I’m well aware of his limitations. He ran fast at his pro-day, but he doesn’t play that fast. I don’t see another gear. He’s late getting his head around and that causes him to pick the ball up late, which leads to him misjudging it and dropping it. Even physicality can be a problem. He’s a detailed route runner. That wins in the NFL. He put Iowa’s Josh Jackson in a mixer. To be fair, he did that to quite a few defensive backs. I enjoy someone that wins with technique. Always will.

Offensive Lineman

Isaiah Wynn, Georgia

If you have fun watching an offensive lineman, that’s rare. That hardly happens. With Wynn, that’s exactly the case. I’m leaving him at tackle, by the way. Until he shows me he can’t. Wynn can get out in space and execute. He can also put you on your back in tight quarters. When this Bulldog gets his paws on you, run the credits. The movie is over.

I’d have no issue with taking Wynn in the 1st round.

Defensive lineman

Arden Key, LSU

One of the biggest disappointments in this years draft class and he hasn’t even stepped foot on the field. Key was dismissed from LSU’s football team in the spring. Played overweight last year. Didn’t produce. Tested like someone who played overweight. He ran a 4.85 40 yard dash with sub-par jumps. His saving grace was a 7.16 3-cone and a 4.25 short shuttle.

Don’t caarrreeeeee.

This is a guy that was supposed to be the Myles Garrett of this draft class. His 2015 was great as a freshman and his 2016 tape was even better. Are there commitment issues? Who knows. As a pass rusher, I know he can get the job done. He’s going to take a tumble in the draft. There’s no doubt about that. Key has long been one of my favorite pass rushers to watch. I’m rooting for him to get it together and play like the player we all know he’s capable of being.

Derrick Nnadi, Florida State

Nnadi’s value takes a hit because he doesn’t bring enough to the table as a pass rusher. In today’s day and age, if all you can do is stop the run you can’t really do anything. Watching a 300-pound man dominate against the run like he does is a pleasure.

He will literally throw guys out of the way. He’s an ox. Double teams struggle to move him. If it’s 1-on-1, you’re going to lose that battle. If a team is looking for a guy that can shore up their interior run defense, Nnadi is the guy and he should provide some good value late.


Rashaan Evans, Alabama

We get it, you like him.


Isaiah Oliver, Colorado

Oliver was a guy that caught my eye last year watching all of Colorado’s defensive talent. I thought he was the best player in the secondary a year ago. Turns out, he was. A big, physical corner that can really take you out of your game. He’s terrific against deep routes. He’s one of the few guys who took Jordan Lasley from UCLA out of his game. Oliver continues to get better and to me has the highest ceiling in the draft. Oliver wins at the line of scrimmage and is another guy, like Hamilton at receiver, that wins with technique.


Justin Reid, Stanford

His effort level is incredible. Hard not to appreciate that. He got stiff-armed to hell by a San Diego State tight end and people think he’s a bad tackler because of it. That’s one play. For the most part, he’s very good in the open-field. He has range and obvious athleticism. Another player that should be a better pro than collegiate. He can excel at most anywhere on the field. Reid is a fun player with a physical presence.

Be nice if he fell to the middle of the 2nd round, but I don’t see that happening.

Who are your favorite players in this draft class?