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Greatest Madden Game Ever: Part 2

Here’s the 2nd part in the thrilling saga

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at San Diego Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Last we left off, I was down 14-3 at the beginning of the 2nd quarter.

After the interception by Addae, I had the ball on the 32 yard line. A pass out to Keenan Allen for 8 yards put me on the 40 yard line. On 3rd and 2, Philip Rivers tosses a quick slant to Travis Benjamin and he turns on the jets, with four (opposing) Chargers chasing him to the house. PAT good by Travis Coons.

14-10 (visitors)

The visiting team gets the ball back on the 26 yard line. After a pass to Keenan Allen for 5 yards, the Chargers (visiting) found themselves on a 2nd and 5 at the 31 yard line. Philip Rivers drops back for the pass, but hadn’t read that I was bringing 7 at him. Denzel Perryman wrapped him up, forcing the fumble, and Joey Bosa scooped it up, racing it the 20 yards to the end zone. A PAT by Travis Coons put the game finally in my favor.

14-17 (home)

The next drive, The visiting Chargers got chunk play after chunk play to Tyrell Williams. Over 3 receptions, Tyrell Williams received for 50 yards. The next play, 1st and 10 on my 29 yard line, the Rivers tossed a TD strike to Tyrell Williams again, bringing his total for the drive to 4 receptions, 79 yards and a TD.

The visiting team opted to go for 2, getting a screen pass to Melvin Gordon, when I had expected a run up the gut.

22-17 (visitors)

Beginning on the 31 yard line, Rivers gets sacked by Joey Bosa for a 10 yard loss. An 8 yard pass to Keenan Allen sets the Chargers up for a 3rd and 12. Unfortunately a replay isn't available, but Denzel Perryman picked off my pass, giving the ball back to the visitors.

A quick strike to Tyrell Williams for 24 yards brings the Chargers to first and goal on the 10 yard line. In what was the craziest play I have ever seen, Rivers takes the shotgun snap, targets Gates in the back of the end zone, but it picked off by Tre Boston, who dives for the touchback instead of giving my team terrible field position. The ball is knocked out by Hunter Henry’s mitt, and Melvin Gordon recovers the fumble for a TD. Absolutely bonkers. Rivers’ pass to Travis Benjamin for the 2 point conversion is no good.

28-17 (visitors)

After a terrible Kickoff to Derek Watt, my team had possession of the ball at the 42 yard line. Following passes of 33 yards to Tyrell Williams, and 18 yards to Keenan Allen, Rivers threw a dart on a slant to Keenan Allen in the back of the endzone. The 2 point conversion is good to a wide open Keenan Allen.

28-25 (visitors)

With 2 seconds left, instead of kicking it deep, Travis Coons decides to squib kick it, running out the rest of the half