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Craziest Game of Madden Ever: Part 1

Not what you might expect to find on this website, but a worthwhile story, nonetheless.

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers-Minicamp Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

After a long hiatus including some personal issues and working on my graduate studies, I am back! I had to share this incredible game of Madden 18 I played, and who better than my favorite community of Chargers’ fans?

I have been on a tear recently. I’ve won 6 (online) games in a row, after winning about 40% of my games before that. These 6 games brought me back over .500, and I’ve been feeling really good about my madden stick skills. I’ve been averaging about a game every few days or so. I obviously play with my favorite team, the Los Angeles Chargers. Games have come against the Browns, the Vikings, the Eagles, and some other teams, but never the Chargers.

Cut to today, and for the first time this year, I am going head to head with the Chargers, playing as the Chargers. I obviously get excited, because what’s more exciting than chasing Philip Rivers with Joey Bosa, or having Casey Hayward take on Keenan Allen? Nothing. Nothing is the correct answer.

Let’s get into it.

First Quarter

I’m the home team, and the Chargers (away) elect to receive the ball to start the first half. Pretty uneventful kickoff, resulting in a 21 yard kick return by Branden Oliver, to the 18 yard line. The very next play, Casey Hayward is on Travis Benjamin in zone coverage on an outside post route. Benjamin has about 5 yards of cushion, with Hayward the only thing between him and the end zone. Rivers lofts the ball up, and I accidentally take control of Hayward, taking him out of the way, allowing Travis Benjamin to walk in on an 82 yard Touchdown reception. PAT good by Travis Coons.

Score: 0-7 (visitors)

I get the ball back, still with some confidence, because that play can happen to anyone. It was a fluke. A quick 4 yard rush and incomplete pass by Rivers brings me to 3rd and 6 on the 23 yard line. I call outs on the outside, and throw a bullet pass at Tyrell Williams before he makes his cut. He ends up taking a very shallow cut, and Casey Hayward jumps in front of the ball and takes it back to the house. PAT good by Travis Coons.

Score: 0-14 (visitors)

Okay, I gotta get my stuff together now. I’m down 14 points and the game has only been going for 38 seconds. Beginning my 2nd drive on the 27 yard line, get a quick pass off to Tyrell Williams for 12 yards. Grab another 11 on a rush by Melvin Gordon, followed by another 11 through the air to Travis Benjamin. Drive down the field a bit more with a crucial 9 yard reception by Keenan Allen on 3rd and 6. A -1 yard rush by Austin Ekeler has me on the opposing team’s 27 yard line. I dial up a WR screen play to throw them off balance, but they sniff it out, leaving me at 3rd and 14. Rivers throws the ball up, knocked away by Casey Hayward. From the 31 yard line, Travis Koons kicks a 48 yard field goal, and IT’S GOOD! I’m finally on the board with 1:29 left in the first quarter.

Score: 3-14 (visitors)

A touchback places the visitors on the 25 yard line. Rivers shows off his athletic agility escaping the pocket and scrambles for 6 yards. 2 plays later, Travis Benjamin shows up big on 3rd and 4 for an 8 yard reception. 3 plays later, Rivers gets a pass off to Ekeler who converts on 3rd down for 10 yards. On first down from my 45 yards line, Bosa comes off the edge, swimming past Barksdale, and Korey Toomer gets off the Pulley block, sacking Rivers, giving them each half a sack.

Next play from their 45, Rivers fakes the handoff to Gordon, steps up in the pocket and lofts it to Benjamin (coverage by Trevor Williams, but Jahleel Addae high points the pass and picks it off on my 14 yard line. A key block by Desmond King on Hunter Henry helps Addae get to my 31 yard line, where he’s wrapped up by Melvin Gordon. At the end of the first quarter, the score is 14-3, with the visitors on top.

This concludes part one. I will be back with part two a little later today. I hope you enjoyed.