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Chargers Fans, Players, and Media React to the Uchenna Nwosu Pick on Twitter

NCAA Football: Arizona at Southern California Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Well, the Chargers second pick in the 2018 NFL Draft is in and it’s edge defender / off ball linebacker Uchenna Nwosu out of the University of Southern California. Pro Football Focus brings us some optimism:

Tom Telesco does love some versatility.

And the Chargers general manager also enjoys productive players from big schools. This pick checks that box as well.

The San Diego Union Tribune’s Tom Krasovic brings some muted positivity:

Steve Wyche just seemed to generically like the addition to an already strong defense.

And for those that don’t like the pick, Garrett Sisti offers some perspective:

And some just wanted to give LaDainian Tomlinson credit for pronouncing the young man’s name correctly:

The other newest Charger was also on board:

Here’s hoping that this added versatility is a big boost to the defense.