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2018 NFL Draft: TV Schedule, Channels, Dates, Times, Time Per Each Pick

NFL: 2017 NFL Draft Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The entire offseason feels like it has been building to the 2018 NFL Draft and it finally arrives this week. Thursday night we can finally be done with mock drafts and rumors as we get to actually find out which draft prospects will become Chargers. Below you will find the draft schedule, TV times, and the Chargers’ current picks so that you can stay up to date as the draft plays out.

Day 1: Round 1

When: Thursday, April 26, 2018, at 5 p.m. PT

Time per pick: 10 minutes

Chargers’ pick: 17th

TV channels: ESPN, FOX, & NFL Network

Day 2: Rounds 2 & 3

When: Friday, April 27, 2018, at 4 p.m. PT

Time per pick: 7 minutes for round 2; 5 minutes for round 3

Chargers’ picks: Round 2: 16th (48th overall); Round 3: 20th (84th)

TV channels: ESPN 2, FOX, & NFL Network

Day 3: Rounds 4 through 7

When: Saturday, April 28, 2018, at 9 a.m. PT

Time per pick: 5 minutes for rounds 4-6; 4 minutes for round 7

Chargers’ picks: Round 4: 19th (119th); Round 5: 18th (155th); Round 6: 17th (191st) Round 7: 33rd (251st)

TV channels: ESPN, ABC, & NFL Network