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The Chargers Should Not Sign Dez Bryant

It would be nice, but no thanks.

NFL: Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

A HUGE name became available on the free agent market today. The Dallas Cowboys released star wide receiver Dez Bryant. So the question becomes, should the Chargers sign Dez Bryant?

I say no. I will say, that it is tempting though. First off, he’s good. He is a big, physical receiver that would help in the red zone, and pull some pressure off of Keenan Allen. He’d also be a huge, recognizable name for the Chargers to have on billboards around Los Angeles.

But at what cost?

A lot. Dez is likely going to command a lot of money, and unless the Chargers want to release some people, they don’t have any. According to the Chargers currently have only $6.56M in cap space and MOST of that is going to be needed for the rookie pool.

The Chargers also don’t need to spend that money on the WR position right now. Philip Rivers could probably throw for 4k yards if I was one of his WRs. They have many more holes on defense that should be addressed first so spending the kind of money on Dez that he would command just isn’t smart.