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Chargers Draft Cap revealed?


Draft caps have become one of the fun parts of draft season every year. It’s the first piece of team gear you get to see your team’s newest player wear on draft night, and each year they get a new unique design.

This year’s hats are officially getting released on Thursday, April 12th, this year which happens to be in 2 days. Well today, some leaks of the hat designs have hit the internet.

This year, it was decided that team slogans and group nicknames would be the focal point of the caps.

Who thought this was a good idea? These are awful. Specifically looking at the Chargers one, I’m not sure what they were thinking. The phrase “Super Chargers” is just going to make everyone think about the song “San Diego, Super Chargers!”

I have purchased the last few draft caps, mostly cause I love hats, but I’ll be giving this years’ options a hard pass.

What do you think?