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Los Angeles Chargers Official Draft Order Released

NFL: 2017 NFL Draft Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The official order of the 2018 NFL Draft has been released. You can find the whole draft order here, but the Los Angeles Chargers’ picks are:

Round 1, Pick 17 (17)

Round 2, Pick 16 (48)

Round 3, Pick 20 (84)

Round 4, Pick 19 (119)

Round 5, Pick 18 (155)

Round 6, Pick 17 (191)

Round 7, Pick 33 (251)

That collection of picks is roughly what we already expected, but now we know the exact order. For reference, these are the players who were selected in last year’s NFL Draft at those picks:

17. Jonathan Allen, Defensive End, Alabama

48. Joe Mixon, Running Back, Oklahoma

84. Chris Godwin, Wide Receiver, Penn State

119. Tarik Cohen, Running Back, North Carolina A&T

155. Jayon Brown, Linebacker, UCLA

191. Xavier Woods, Safety, Louisiana Tech

251. Mason Schreck, Tight End, Buffalo

There are certainly some players in that mix you would not mind seeing play for your team. Hopefully, the Chargers are able to bring in a draft class that meets or exceeds that quality.