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Who Are Your Dream 1st & 2nd Round Picks in the Upcoming Draft?

The BFTB staff shares their dream scenarios for the draft

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Today’s roundtable question is simple: Who do you want the Chargers to select with their first two picks? The goal was to keep it realistic. So there will be no “Sam Darnold with the 2nd round pick” answers.

KP: Should’ve taken a QB last year. Should take one this year. This year makes even more sense with Philip Rivers contract. I’m taking Lamar Jackson with the first pick. I’ll tell you why tomorrow. With the 2nd, with his health situation, I’d be thrilled if Maurice Hurst fell to the 2nd. He’s the best defensive tackle to me and it’s not close. Even if he slipped, he’s finally a player in the 2nd I’d be willing to move up for.

Louis Gorini: My draft crush is and always have been Derwin James but I don’t think he is there for the Chargers. So my dream scenario has the Chargers fixing their front seven. Round 1, Chargers add to their already talented defensive line and draft Vea. Round 2, LA gets an athletic LB that can solve their second level issues in Malik Jefferson

Michael Peterson: Derwin James in the 1st. Maurice Hurst to drop into the 2nd

Matthew Stanley: Ummm dream 1st/2nd.... hmmm... I’ve tried not to fall in love with anyone this year but I guess I’d have to flip a coin between Derwin/Minkah in the 1st, and in the second hope a big body like Will Hernandez or Maurice Hurst falls.

Ruben: I would really like to see the Chargers go out and solidify the back end of the defense and draft Derwin James or Minkah Fitzpatrick in the first round. Its gonna have to be a perfect storm for one of them to fall that far, but it could be one of those draft day deals where TT sees one of them slipping and he trades up a few spots to land one. My real dream would be taking a flyer on Lamar Jackson for the future, but as a fan, I’m so tired of losing I need an immediate impact player for this year, so I won't be mad if they go for the safety at 17. In the second round draft the best linebacker available, somebody in the mold of a Patrick Willis and Bobby Wagner mashup.

Garrett: I am still to this day #TeamQB so picking Lamar Jackson at #17 would be the best way to go. Jackson fits what Lynn wants and he could really benefit from sitting a year or two and cleaning up his footwork. Before the Pouncey signing I thought Isaiah Wynn & Will Hernandez falling to the 2nd would be fun, Maurice Hurst would be unbelievable value for one of the best DT prospects in this class in the 2nd but I think Hurst a 3-tech so that’d be a crowded group so I’ll say in a dream scenario (which has a slim possibility) teams start to fall in love with the athletic Linebackers like Tremaine Edmunds and Leighton Vander Esch which pushes Rashaan Evans down the board. First two picks are Lamar Jackson and Rashaan Evans and now we’re cookin’.

Richard: (After seeing him with no pads today workout during his Pro Day) My new answer is that the Chargers should trade their first two picks (plus whatever else is necessary) to move up to take Nelson.

Hoyle: THE dream scenario would be Mayfield dropping to 17, but you asked for realistic dreams (no fun), so I’ll say the dream scenario is Lamar Jackson at 17 and Malik Jefferson at 49 (don’t see Evans falling that far).

Who would you like to see the Chargers select with their first two picks?