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Los Angeles Chargers Officially Sign C Mike Pouncey

..Well that escalated quickly!

Just a few minutes ago, word began to leak out that the meeting with former Dolphins center Mike Pouncey was “going well” in LA.

Although that’s anything but a concrete statement, the two sides did not waste any time finding pens and paper to ink a deal soon after.

Ian Rapoport broke the news less than two hours after that tweet:

And to really seal the deal, the Chargers went ahead and made it public.

Pouncey joins a talented team that is tracking upward. Early reports are that this is a two-year deal, and estimates are around $10 million/year. More details will certainly come in by tomorrow, but this looks like a solid signing for the LA Chargers. Spencer Pulley is still on the team, and will probably serve as a backup role and help shore up other areas.

-Jason “Escalations and Calculations!” Michaels