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Melvins Ingram and Gordon Take to Twitter to Recruit Tyrann Mathieu for Los Angeles Chargers

#28 and #52 use their social media platforms to pitch the Bolts to the Honey Badger

NFL: New York Giants at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Per Jay Glazer on Twitter, the Arizona Cardinals informed Tyrann Mathieu that they will be releasing him once the free agency period officially begins.

However, it didn’t take long after the news broke that members of the Chargers took to their own Twitter accounts to try their hand at luring the Honey Badger to Costa Mesa:

If Tre Boston were to officially leave in free agency, it would open up a hole in the secondary that could potentially be filled by the former Cardinal.

It’s likely a pretty far-fetched idea. But the idea of adding an exciting player such as Mathieu to a secondary that already includes Casey Hayward, Jason Verrett, Trevor Williams, and Desmond King is incredibly tantalizing.

Unsurprisingly, fellow BFTB contributor Kyle Posey attempted to sway the play-maker via a route through the Honey Badger’s stomach:

With as crazy as this free agency period has been before it ever “officially” started, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Chargers make a splash signing before it’s all said and done.