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Three Drink Minimum Podcast #11: Happy Philcember! Rivers is the only QB in NFL history to never lose in December. Ever.

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Philcember: It’s good to be back

Man, what a game. This recap was fresh off of the game, so the thoughts are a little more scattered than recent weeks. Like usual, we take it step by step on how the game happened. Tough to imagine a worse start than the Chargers had. Head coach Anthony Lynn thinking that three points would make a difference to start the game was the ultimate head-scratcher. A 50-yard field goal at Heinz field at night is not one of the smarter things you can do. That’s despite the yardage you need. At that point in time, it was 4th & 1. At that point, Rivers was 31 for his last 31. Like, come on, coach. As soon as Badgley missed, you knew the Steelers were scoring.

From there:

• Derwin

• Refs

Justin Jackson

• Game never in doubt

• Random questions along the way

• Bosa sack

• Des punt return

• Momentum is real

And a whole lot bunch of other talk recapping a game that absolutely took two years off of all of our lives.