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Chargers Advent Calendar: 12/22/1963 – The Chargers record 58 points against Denver (team high)

The game where the Chargers scored all the points.

Denver Broncos v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

On this day all the way back in 1963, the Chargers hit a threshold that hasn’t been replicated by any other Chargers team in history.

In just their eighth meeting in history, the Bolts put up a whopping 58 points en route to a 58-20 shellacking of the Broncos in San Diego. In the 55 years since that game was played, a team has only score 50+ points in a game twice, both coming from the Chargers on October 20th, 1968 (55-24) and then just 10 years ago on December 28th, 2008 (52-21).

Although the Broncos may hold a firm advantage in the win column amongst these two squads, it’s still interesting to see that the Chargers have scored 40+ points 10 times in their rivalry while the Broncos have only hit that mark a total of three times. Although when you bring threshold down to 30+ points, things even out quite a bit with the Chargers at 28 games of 30+ to the Broncos 26.

When looking back at history, it’s no surprise that the Bolts are familiar with high-scoring affairs. The Chargers were actually a part of the eighth-highest scoring game in NFL history with the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1985 when they combined for 98 total points in what amounted to a 54-44 Chargers victory.

In today’s game against the Baltimore Ravens, it’s highly unlikely that there will be anything close to offensive fireworks in this one but it’s always exciting to know that this team could pop-off at a moment’s notice.

Happy Holidays, guys. Enjoy the game and I hope everyone gets what they asked for on Christmas Day.