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Advent Calendar - Dec. 21: A History of Chargers Vs. Ravens

Time to wax Poe-etic about this coming match up

This is a great time of year to be thankful for what we have, where we have been, and what the future holds. Although the Chargers have lost their way a bit in recent years, the month of December still holds such incredible promise! This advent calendar is an attempt to hearken back to these days of December joy. Each day will bring a new advent from the Bolts’ history that makes it wonderful to be a Chargers fan.

Dec. 21: A History of Chargers Vs. Ravens

Well, this is a match-up that we don’t see very often. Although both teams are AFC powers, the Ravens are still a fairly new team, so there’s not much history between the two.

That said, the stakes are real this weekend (and moreso for the Ravens than the Chargers), as both teams have reason to want a win. The Chargers can smell the blood in the water, after finally giving the Chiefs the broken nose they’ve been asking for. The Ravens are trying to galvanize the team (and fanbase) behind their new QB Lamar Jackson, as it is almost a foregone conclusion that the Flacco years are over. A miraculous race to the postseason, despite the odds, would save coaching jobs, put fannies in seats, and give the fans something to be excited about in 2020 and beyond.

Here’s what says about the matchup:

Philip Rivers and the Chargers now have the NFL’s second-best record and a legitimate chance at winning both the AFC West and the No. 1 overall seed in the AFC. Rivers is playing at as high a level as he’s ever played in his career, and last week’s win against the Chiefs was his crowning achievement, as he made a series of completely absurd throws down the stretch while working without his three best options in the passing game.

Meanwhile, the Ravens are back in the mix and currently in possession of the No. 6 seed in the AFC, thanks to having won four of their past five games with Lamar Jackson under center. They’re running an anachronistic offense ... and it’s working, thanks to the combination of ball-control and elite defense they’re able to employ. And it’s fun!

This should be quite the interesting clash of styles.

Indeed, no one is completely sure what the match will look like, but it should be very entertaining regardless. The Ravens are a good team; better than their record. The Chargers are a very good team, but frankly have had luck on their side as of late.

What does History tell us?

The Chargers won the first two matches of this series, but their loss to the Ravens in 2015 gave Baltimore the edge. Ravens lead this series 6-5.

The Ravens also lead the series in points scored:

  • Baltimore Ravens 231
  • Los Angeles Chargers 226

This week’s game gives the Chargers the chance to even up the overall record AND it is very likely that the winner will also hold the trophy for most points in this lifetime matchup.

These teams have never met each other in the playoffs, though that is indeed a possibility this year. For that to happen, the Ravens would have to pull an upset win over the Chargers here, and the Steelers would also have to lose or tie their next two games.

That still wouldn’t guarantee a meet-up, and the Chiefs will have a say in that. But this is a year for unusual outcomes, so we shall see!

-Jason “Sorry, they’re Ratbirds this week” Michaels