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Houston Texans at New York Jets open thread

Indianapolis Colts v Houston Texans Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Jets vs Texans: Five Bold Predictions - Gang Green Nation

  1. The Jets score on offense, defense, and special teams.
  2. Three Jet receivers score a TD.
  3. Trumaine Johnson continues his streak of good games with a pick six.
  4. The Jets do not turn the ball over.
  5. The Jets put up over 400 yards of total offense.

Three and Out: Texans-Jets Predictions - Battle Red Blog
On Saturday, I expect the Texans to steamroll the Jets, period. If the Texans are actually a good team - and they are a good team - they will win this game handily. If they barely squeak by or drop this one, they are paper tigers. It’s a bad matchup for the Jets. They can’t throw it and the Texans should stuff their attempts to run it. Clowney and Watt should feast. Get in, hammer’em, stay healthy, get out.