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NFL Picks: The Degenerate Gambler’s Biggest Game of the Year?

When the stakes rise this high, lots of good opportunities abound!

Well, it has been an up-and-down year for the Degenerate Gambler. As many are aware, this unsavory fiend is actually kind of a nice guy when you get to know him, just don’t let him watch your kids and never loan him more than $5.

Each week, the Degenerate Gambler puts $100 on the line and wears down his fingernails in the process. The Degenerate Gambler is a true gambler at heart— he’s not looking to not lose his money each week, he’s aiming to live lavishly on all that $100 can get him, even if that means a few weeks eating old tires.

Last week the Chargers underperformed against the lowly Bengals. While the Degenerate Gambler was ‘on’ to this potential outcome ahead of time, he wasn’t able to capitalize on it. His largest bet was on the OVER hitting, which he missed by 1.5 points. He was also surprised that Jeff Driskel didn’t throw a single pick, but was quite proud to nail the field goal bet (the Bengals hadn’t hit multiple field goals since October).

Week 14 Bengals @ Chargers

  • Wager 1 Total points (Over 48.5) $45 [-110] L
  • Wager 2 Total receiving - M. Williams (>39.5) $15 [-115] W $13.04
  • Wager 3 Interceptions thrown - J. Driskel (>.5) $20 [-225] L
  • Wager 4 Total Field Goals - Bengals (>1.5) $20 [+125] W $25.00

TOTAL: $ -26.96

Season Total: $ -28.41

Honestly, for missing his big bet of the week, he was pretty happy with the outcome. A rare positive-value bet hit, and that always puts him in a good mood. Of course, that keeps him in the red for the season, so he’s hoping to right the ship tonight.

Week 15 Chargers @ Chiefs

Wager 1 Chargers spread (+3.5) $35 [-110]

Wager 2 Chargers moneyline $35 [+165]

Wager 3 Total points (>53) $30 [-115]

Total possible win: $ +115.66

Total possible loss: Everything

Well, how’s about that? The Degenerate Gambler is really beginning to believe in the Chargers. The Chiefs are a great offensive team, and the Chargers are not shabby in that respect. Both teams are going to be very motivated to win, so this could very well be a high-scoring affair.

Additionally, both teams are hurting at the running back position. This generally means either a defensive slugfest or an aerial showdown. Prop bets for both QBs would be very much in line with the Degenerate Gambler’s thoughts here. However, with the possibility of frigid weather, the Gambler went for points as a whole.

Although the Chargers moneyline at +165 isn’t as delicious as the Degenerate Gambler would have hoped, he also is happy to take the bet.. because it’s clear that he thinks the Bolts will be motivated and eager to secure a win tonight.

-Jason “They’re starting to believe” Michaels