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BFTB Mailbag: OT prospects, Justin Jackson, and time of possession

Cincinnati Bengals v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Welcome to week 15’s mailbag, everyone!

With the short week, I had to do some hustling to get you guys my normal weekly content prior to tonight’s match-up so forgive me for not putting together a lengthy introduction to this one. I know you guys probably skip these when it gets to be long-winded so i’ll just save you all some time.

We only got a handful of questions this week but they’re solid, nonetheless.

I haven’t dug into the offensive line crop of this year’s draft class yet but there are some names I will be keeping a close eye on.

Yodney Cajuste is a 6-foot-5, 321-pound left tackle for West Virginia who recently accepted his invitation to the Senior Bowl, which I will be attending towards the end of January. He is as athletic as they come and possesses a solid mean-streak, as well.

Right tackles David Edwards of Wisconsin and Cody Ford of Oklahoma are also two tackles who offer a unique blend of size and athleticism. Edwards is a former prep quarterback but now stands at 6-foot-6 and weighs around 320 pounds. He has been a constant for the Badgers offensive line which is always among the top units in college football each year.

Ford is an extremely beefy 338 pounds packed into a 6-foot-4 frame. The Oklahoma offensive line is up for the Joe Moore Award (nation’s best offensive line) and Ford has been a big part of that. He is surprisingly nimble for someone his size while maintaining the strength necessary to match the most powerful of pass rushers.

I’m not sure what ABinbev is. I’m assuming it’s a California-based beverage company but I’m based in Savannah, Georgia so I am unaware of the power moves being made by them. Hopefully they deserve it. Cheers!

I believe 80 yards rushing for Jackson is extremely realistic, especially if the Chargers are able to keep things close. If the Chiefs were to jump out to a fast lead, I’d expect Jackson to finish with around 50-60 yards as the Chargers will likely stick to chucking it with Rivers.

The Chiefs allow 5.1 yards per carry, good for the second-worst average allowed in the league, and I expect the Chargers to exploit whatever weakness the Chiefs have. I believe the Chargers should use Jackson in the same manner they would use Gordon in and try to maintain some sense of normalcy. Shaking things up any more than necessary this late in the season is never the best idea.

I’m going to go with the Baltimore Ravens on this one.

The Chiefs simply strike too fast. The Ravens, especially after they committed to Lamar Jackson as their quarterback going forward, will be a massive pain in the a** when it comes to stopping them on the ground.

I can just see it now. The combination of Jackson, Gus Edwards, and whoever else will likely have their way with the Chargers on the ground as they maintain drives by converting the majority of their third-and-shorts while attempting to keep the game as low-scoring as possible.

The Titan’s almost beat the Bolts that way. The Seahawks almost did it, too.

It makes too much sense to not come true.