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Three Drink Minimum #8: “Nice win from the best team in LA”

Never. In. Doubt. That is my honest feeling about the game yesterday. If you know who makes an extra point, the final drive that Seattle has doesn’t matter. Because you know who didn’t, we had to pretend to be on the edge of our seats like it was a close game.

I actually thought the defense played a lot better than the score indicates. Talked a little bit about that. Showed love to Desmond King, but really the defense flying around in general. The first drive was no Bueno, but they cleaned up their tackling and for about 3.5 quarters of the game the defense was really, really good. Seattle was 4-15 on third down and even after that final drive, they only averaged 4.7 yards per play. Don’t be fooled by the final score.

Bounced around a little and answered some questions. Because this was recorded yesterday, we talked about you know who a bit and why he was still on the roster. Plenty of people thought the Chargers weren’t good because they hadn’t played anyone. So we talked about the schedule a bit and when the next time they’d lose. The next time they’ll lose will be in March when they lose Tyrell Williams in free agency.

Offensively, the first two drives were as easy as the team has made it look all year. Two long drives averaging 13 yards a pop. The weeks off really served Melvin Gordon well. He looked fresh and fast. He played well. Philip Rivers continued to be a master in the pocket.

Five in a row. This is fun.