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Three Drink Minimum Podcast: Can the Cardinals beat ‘Bama?

Back after yet another blowout win. This one didn’t start as smoothly as most expected. The Cardinals jumped out to a 10-0 victory. Talked a little bit about the Chargers slow start. Here are some of the other topics that I hit on

• 45 unanswered

• How the Chargers got big production from each of their last 4 1st round picks

Philip Rivers choosing to not throw an incompletion until pass 26 was a good idea

• The offensive line has quietly struggled over the last month

Melvin Gordon injury

• The stupidity of the trick plays

Travis Benjamin running like his job depended on it

• Rookie Jatavis Brown is back and here to stay

• The defense gave up 2.4 yards per play through 3 quarters

Justin Jackson

Casey Hayward rounding back into form at the right time


(Editor’s Note: The podcast ends abruptly because the mic accidentally got muted.)