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NFL Picks: Degenerate Gambler Picks for Week 12

How can YOU best squander $100 dollars?

We’re back! Every week the Degenerate Gambler puts $100 on the line in bets for or against his favorite foil, the LA Chargers. To date, he’s done more winning than losing, but it’s not a remarkable difference. In fact, this has certainly been a roller-coaster year with as many ups as downs.

With that in mind, the Degenerate Gambler lives up to his namesake and does not leave town this season with a profit in his pocket. Ever the gambler, he puts himself in the precarious situation of betting another $100 this week.

Earlier this same week, the Degenerate Gambler telegraphed his love for the visitors and the over bet. His reasoning? The Chargers have failed to put away many opponents this year, and even the most lowly rivals managed to make it “a game.” The Cardinals opened at +13 and now end the week at a ridiculous +14 points. The Chargers are a better team by every single measure. The also will not cover this ridiculous spread.

Week 12 Cardinals @ Chargers

  1. Wager 1 Cardinals Spread (+14) $35 [-115]
  2. Wager 2 Total (Over 44.0) $50 [-105]
  3. Wager 3 First Half Total (>20.5) $15 [-155]
  • Total possible win: +$87.73
  • Total possible loss: Everything
  • Season win total (prior): $76.50

So, taking what the Denerate Gambler left us earlier in this week and his final bets, we can see that he is NOT a fan of the Chargers pummeling their opponents into submission. It is worth noting that, in the most comparable matchup this year, the Chargers barely squeaked by with a last minute win (@49ers).

While the LA Chargers had their way with the Raiders twice this year, they were closer affairs than the final lines would indicate. That said, this should be a closer affair than Vegas would indicate. I personally think that the Chargers win by less than a score (8 or less if you’re being generous and wrong).

Please note that the Degenerate Gambler is NOT taking the Cardinals for a moneyline bet because their winning this match would be the NFL’s 2nd biggest upset of the season. They do not have the talent or the coaching to win this match, but the Chargers love to keep opponents close. For no good reason at all, in the 4th quarter, the Cardinals have the chance to win the game but Joey Bosa (actually Hayward, to be more likely) saves the game for the Bolts.

The safest bet in this matchup is the point total of a low >44.00. The Chargers should be at around 35 by the end of the game, leaving the Cardinals to score twice to keep everything kosher.

-Jason “Don’t Disappoint Us” Michaels